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The SCoop: What did you do today?

Life isn’t about what we’ve done or where we want to go, its about what we “get to” do EVERY DAY. The experiences we have in the past make us who we are. The more experiences we have, the more life we live.  But just because you’ve had cool experiences in the past...

The SCoop: Live Life in the top 1%

Make up your mind, which is it? Do want to be a part of the top 1%?  Or, are you fine just getting by, stuck some where in the middle? You actually have a choice in the matter…… Last week while running with a friend, she mentioned she was training for an extreme event...

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We all have that power within us- the power to create the life we truly want to live. Although not a writer by trade, I decided to share my stories, advice, lessons and adventures in my life as a Millionaire in Flip Flops.

If you’re here to find out how to make a million bucks, you might want to stop for a minute and reconsider. What I have to offer you in my book, seminars, clinics or online courses aren’t necessarily about stacking up enough cash to make you a bona-fide millionaire, though my guess is that if you are truly following your life’s path with a sense of tenacity, wisdom and heart, you likely could.

What Millionaire in Flip Flops WILL do is take you through the journey of creating the lifestyle of a Millionaire in Flip Flops. The concept is about doing what you want, when you want, and hopefully how and with whom you want.  See the Blog…


  • engage with people.
  • listen. be in 100%. have fun. laugh.
  • treat people with kindness. imagine everyone is your friend.
  • don’t judge.
  • trust in yourself. rely on yourself. love yourself.
  • stay open minded. everyone has something to offer.
  • give. the impact will live forever.
  • be patient.
  • don’t be so controlled by time.
  • stay in the moment.
  • don’t waste time thinking about what you’ve lost.

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